Ritual Is Inherent To Being Human

In the words of my teacher Francis Weller, Ritual makes us “transparent to the transcendent” and is essential in restitching our belonging to the great mystery, to the earth, to ourselves and to our kin.

Ritual is also a core ingredient in rites-of-passage. We turn to ritual to mark transitions, to step in, through and out of the liminal, that intrepid realm of betwixt and between that we now collective voyage through together in this “space between stories,” that is the gap between the the colonial, separation, control oriented global over-culture, and the regenerative more-beautiful world that so many of us long for and know deep in our hearts is our birthright.

I am a ritualist in my bones, blood and dirt and have been supporting others in crafting meaningful, healing rituals for transition times for the past 15 years. 

If we work together, we will draw on the mythopoetic layers of your soul, the old stories of your ancestors, and the constellating power of the trouble you are in, so as to craft your unique ritual of transformation.

I’ve held break-up rituals, union rituals, menopause rituals, birth rituals, death rituals, rituals for grief, heartbreak, joy and ecstasis, and most importantly, rituals for the Earth, in service to regulating our collective nervous system, helping us together remembering our primary role as tenders on this living/dying planet we call Earth.

Ritual is art – theatre in its deepest form, and your ritual space will be about allowing yourself to be seen, and receive the guidance of something much more rooted, and celestial then we’re trained to perceive. Ritual is an altered space, so we will begin with great care for protection and move slowly and carefully, deeply attuning to what is wanting to die and be reborn in your soul through this ritual process.

If you’re feeling prickled and pulled by these words then schedule a gift 30 minute consultation with me and we’ll begin the brew of the ritual cauldron.


 “John held a cord-cutting ceremony for myself and my ex-partner. We had failed to tend the closing of our partnership effectively and our breakup had left a crater in our lives and in our community. We were stuck in bitterness and unresolved feelings about the ending, a negativity loop which persisted for years. John was able to design and facilitate a proper closing for us. A ritual experience that allowed us to come together and finally put the past to rest, while simultaneously reclaiming the joy of our shared memories and deep care for one another. John artfully guided us before, during, and after the event. He was there every step of the way, skillfully tending to our individual needs throughout the process, and ultimately holding a clean ceremonial container in which he facilitated a true alchemy in an otherwise hopeless situation. Without hesitation I recommend John and his services to any who are in need of transformational support of this kind. Thank you, John!” 


– Daniel Robert

“I am truly grateful to be on the other side of a powerful closing ceremony that John held for my previous partner and I. It was incredible to have the space to find self responsibility, forgiveness and appreciation. It is such an uncommon thing in our culture to know how to move on from love, and from pain. This ceremony with John helped us do this beautifully, along with a circle of our closest friends. It allowed us to let go of the past, and move forward, into what turned into a beautiful friendship. The results rippled out and mended rifts in the friendships around us as well – as is also often needed after a relationship ends. I am forever grateful to John for holding this with such deep care, and supporting us in the healing that was wanting to take place.”

 – Grace Thane

John is a master ritualist.  His ability to weave words, worlds, stories and love is a spell that will transform and coax you into a self, a way of being, a possibility of healing and transformation that our souls and world need now more than ever.  He holds a rigourous yet emergent space that lets bodies and beings rest into themselves while being called into  their highest futures.  John co-created a custom ritual for me which gave grounded and opened a whole new chapter of my life.   I can’t recommend his brilliance enough.”

– Cari Caldwell