Medicine therapy

A decade ago, in a time of deep struggle, a mentor of mine, seeing my pain and stuckness, connected me to his lineage of then underground Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy.
My first journey changed my life, having the impact of years of therapy. 

In subsequent journeys, I realized that the Earth herself was reaching out to us through these medicines, trying to support, and expedite our necessary healing paths.  For, there’s so much that needs healing, and the Earth wants us to do our work so we can really restore balanced love with her again.

There’s volumes to say about the power and effect of entheogens on healing, and the mystery (and science) on how they work – but in short, beyond just neuro-plasticity that is opened with these medicines (allowing stuck trauma patterns to be untangled), these medicines are intelligent and take us STRAIGHT to where the attention is needed is our system.

After apprenticing in multiple western and indigenous medicine-assisted therapeutic systems, I began guiding this work four years ago, and now have worked with young and old, couples, and groups, consistently humbled in beauty by the leaps of healing these medicines can facilitate.

And, these medicines need sound preparation and integration, and no one path in this work is the same.

My approach includes extensive training in the Trauma healing and therapeutic modalities of: Hakomi, Somatic Experiencing and Internal Family Systems (IFS), and indigenous earth-based, shamanic practices. 

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