Creative Soul-Business Mentorship

Over the past 15 years, I’ve brought dozens of high-level soul-birthed creative projects to life including:

The Village of Lovers Film

The School of Mythopoetics

Numerous Rituals + Ritual Theatre Performances

Music Videos and other Art Videos

Dozens of Creative Writing Works

Countless Retreats, Workshops, and Medicine Ceremonies

And ALL of this has been a birthing from my soul – from that intersection of my deepest longings the worlds need – unfolding in a spiralic pattern of deep listening, dreaming, attunement, refinement and manifestation.  This work has spanned from highly collaborative to deeply personal, both present unique opportunities and challenges.

Many folks can manifest, even creatively, and make money or otherwise have their creations feed their life, except that it’s rarely from their deepest soul calling.

And many other folks are listening deep to what is true in their soul, however lack the skills, or necessary self-worth, or integration, to bring these meaningfully to the world in way which touches the world’s need AND makes money, practically feeds their life.

However, the world needs us to bring these two worlds together – the world of creative business manifestation and DEEP soul listening.

And the KEY I’ve realized is allowing ourselves to be supported. This takes being vulnerable, asking for help, and garnishing the humility to let ourselves receive attention, care, structure and guidance from others (including the non-human).

Bringing our gifts to the world is one of the final stages of Initiation, and it’s where many I work with become STUCK.

And so, I am offering for the first time 3-6 month CREATIVE SOUL-BUSINESS MENTORSHIP for a limited few, who are serious about bringing their deepest soul projects to the world.

This is for you if:

  • You have a few seed ideas sparking from soul 

  • You are ready to begin bringing them to the world

  • You perhaps aren’t sure what how to prioritize, how to structure, and how to trust into the process

  • You want to both MAKE money and Feed the World

  • And ready to examine your money and worth beliefs that you inherited and heal them (also for lineage)

  • Are willing to devote yourself to your soul and invest time + money into the process

For The Creative Soul-Biz Mentorship

The Container will consist of:

– Two 1.5 hours Mentorship Calls a month

– Various Homework of Rituals, Readings and Tasks

– Whatsapp Support in-between Calls

– Possible addition calls, rituals and support as needed (TBD by us)


The Investment:



*custom containers are possible based on need, please inquire in your application

For The Creative Soul-Biz Mentorship