I am an initiated diviner in the tradition of the Dagara people, a lineage originating in Burkina Faso and Ghana, West Africa, and popularized by Elder Malidoma Patrice Somé.

Stick divination is an indigenous, earth-based, shamanic practice that facilitates powerful healing and alignment through channeled messages and ritual work unique to each person that sits with me.

Divination in this tradition is considered a method to ‘open the way’ in one’s life.

It is an 8,000+ year old lineage that connects one to the many immediate forms and doorways of the divine.

What Is A Divination?

Divinations are like spiritual diagnostics.

They show us what is in need of healing.

Through the power of divination, you are able to receive channeled messages from ancestors, guiding spirits, and elemental entities (i.e. the consciousness of mountain, earth, water) who wish to assist you.

The messages and rituals that are given to you are designed to illuminate your healing path – and when completed in a timely manner, provide real and tangible results.

In your divination, you will receive direct answers to your questions/prayers, be offered powerful guidance from the ancient ones, and provided unique rituals to complete as part of your healing process.