John is an Initiatory Witch, Emergence Facilitator, Wilderness Rites-of-passage Guide and Sacred Clown focused on the work of cultural redemption. John wields the magic of his Hebraic, Norse and Celtic ancestry, while bending towards the reparation work of being a 3rd generation settler, living on the traditional homelands of the Arapahoe, Cheyenne, and Ute Peoples. Holding space for the great grief of our times, he designs and facilitates rituals and rites of transformation, in service to regulating the personal and collective nervous systems back to belonging with the Earth.

He has studied intensively the 8 Shields Cultural Regeneration model, been a scholar at the Orphan Wisdom School, trained with the Weaving Earth Nature Connection schools, and been a long-term student of the Tamera Love School. In 2021, John co-founded The School of Mythopoetics dedicated to the Initiation of Soul. John tends thresholds of all kinds in commitment to death-doulaing the ‘Power Over’ systems of colonization, creating space for the birth of a peace culture built upon the ethics of ‘Power With’.